Since gothic fashion emerged in the post-punk scene of the U.K. after the tumultuous 1980s, the popular fashion style shows no signs of going away anytime soon. And OMGoth is here to make sure you’re dressed in the very best goth fashions available in the world.
But is goth style just black, black, and more black? Well, we who dress gothic do love black, but we also love strategic pops of color, especially deep rich tones. We also love distressed clothing, but we don’t just haunt the thrift stores. Nowadays, it’s easy to find premium quality distressed clothing online and they don’t even have the musty thrift store smell.
There’s also the “Nu Goth” style, which plays up plaids in outerwear, bottoms, tops, and more. We’ve got some great Nu Goth designs in our gothic tops collection.
How about corsets? Oh, yes, we love them. Who doesn’t, whether you’re goth or not? When it comes to corsets, every girl is a goth girl somewhere deep down inside. Our corsets are easy to slip on and off (with help or by yourself), comfortable for people of all sizes, and crafted from the best silk smooth fabrics money can buy. And keep in mind, corsets can be work as stand-alone pieces or layered over a lacy blouse and ruffled skirt.
Leather. Black leather. What can we say? Whether faux or real leather, our leather tops are sure to please and make you stand out in any room you enter.
Black lace is another must-have in any goth girl’s wardrobe. We have black lace tops, jackets, and more. Our black lace tops are great with jeans for a casual look or dress pants and skirts for a more formal look if you want to take your goth spirit out on the town or to an elegant dinner.
Crop tops are also a great look for your goth wardrobe. Whether sheer enough to show a glimpse of your beautiful decolletage or covering everything but your tummy, we have a crop top that will suit your personality, style, and whatever occasion you need it for.
Remember, here at OMGoth, we’ve got everything you need for your dark and delicious style. Grab one of our gorgeous tops today!

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