"Ari" - 3 Pair Earring Set - Black Cat - Monster - Ghost - Stud Earrings

Size Guide

👻 Quantity: 3 Pairs / 1 Set

👻 Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Hypoallergenic (Nickel and Lead Free)

👻 Sizes: Cat (8 mm x 8 mm), Monster (13 mm x 12 mm) and Ghost (8 mm x 11 mm)

👻 Comes With Gift Box

👻 To Prevent Infection: Clean both of your ears and all earrings with alcohol Before and After wearing them. DO NOT put Hydrogen Peroxide (or any Bleach) on any Silver jewelry....You Should Clean Your Earrings as Often as is Possible. To Remain Safe and Sound, Clean Your Earrings Once a Week Especially If You Wear the Same Pair All Week. Be Careful to Not Push the Back Post On Too Tight.

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